About Highland Hydroseeding

Donald McDonald established his landscaping business in Caithness, Scotland in 1988.

Starting out with general groundcare and landscaping and more recently becoming an accomplished Hydroseeder.

The specialist equipment used by Highland Hydroseeding allows to tend to anything from small gardens to industrial sized areas.

In addition to the hydroseeding capabilities Highland Hydroseeding also has a mean green “kevi-pekka” stone removal machine which allows removal of up to 400 tonnes per day of stone.

Based in Caithness, Highland Hydroseeding services Caithness and Sutherland as well as the north of Scotland in general and the Northern Islands. Get in touch to see if we can reach you too.

At Highland Hydroseeding, we value our reputation and offer a fair price for a first class services. Donald MacDonald

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What is hydroseeding ?

Hydroseeding – also known as ‘hydraulic mulch seeding‘, ‘hydro-mulching‘ or ‘hydraseeding‘, is simply a seeding process that involves applying the seed in a mix of: the appropriate seed, water and a fibre mulch via a pressurised spray. In certain circumstances, where quick growth is required, a fertilizer can also be added to the pre-mix.

Note: A green dye is also added to the mix. This can be seen in some of the images. This helps the operator to see where the spray has been applied on the ground as the application proceeds.

The spray is applied from the spray which can be static or, more generally: towed behind a 4×4 – see gallery.

  • Quick and easy alternative to re-turfing
  • Green immediately
  • Vegetation cover in 2 weeks lawn
  • Less groundworks and disturbance leading to better finish
  • Quick soil erosion control technique when managing high gradient surfaces eg road cuttings or banks
  • Ideal for instant green roofs
  • Seed mixes – different seeds for different areas to suit client needs or designs.
  • Conservation Areas: where bespoke seed mixes have been specified by planning to encourage natural habitat eg wild flower meadows
  • Grasses – availability of a wide range ( including rank grasses for conservation areas) depending on intended land use.
  • Wildflowers & meadow Mix
  • Heathers
  • Agricultural
  • Prescribed Provenance Mix for Conservation Areas
  • Athletic field mixes
  • Pasture mixes
  • Native grasses
  • Wildflowers
  • Roadside mixes
  • Erosion control mixes

Hydroseeding is suitable Residential and Commercial uses across a range of land types including:

  • Road and railway verges
  • Golf courses
  • Cemeteries
  • Schools and parks
  • Gardens
  • Green roofs

The hydroseeding process

Fine wood fibre,
& natural green resin


preferred Seeds

glue granules

a “pea soup” mixture

across surface

Hydroseeding and erosion control

Hydroseeding is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites where stripped soils are mounded for lengthy periods. The hydroseeding spray technique allows an ‘all in one’ easy spray application of seed, fertiliser and mulch which is less time consuming, less labour intensive and far more efficient in comparison to the traditional process of hand broadcasting of seed followed by additional dry application of fertiliser. These benefits are most obvious when attempting to seed on a steep slope.

Stone removal

Kevi Pekka

From small gardens to farms and industrial scale  we can remove stone at up to 400 tonnes per day with out mean green “kivi pekka” stone removing machine!

Our Kevi Pekka machine comes from Finland where their rocky soil make it an ideal testing ground for developing this powerful Stone Picking machine.  It comes complete with a soil seive so that the soil stays where it should and the stones come out clean.

  • Cost effective
  • Quick

In the agricultural sector stone removal is important to prevent damage to other agricultural machinery. This is not their only application, the machines are also invaluable for commercial and residential clients too for ground such as :

  • Paddocks
  • Building Sites
  • Road Works
  • Farmer Fields
  • Gardens

Landscaping & Goundcare services

Service offered

In addition to our Hydroseeding and Stone Removal services we also offer many other groundcare and landscaping services to Caithness, Sutherland and beyond.

  • Lawn and tree planting advice
  • Seeding and turfing lawns
  • Renovating lawns, scarifying and over seeding
  • Land reinstatement and reclamation
  • Chemical spraying
  • Tree felling, chipping and stump grinding
  • Private and commercial garden maintenance
  • Tree, shrub and hedge planting
  • Grass Cutting
  • Snow clearing and gritting

Maintenance packages

Donald McDonald values his customers and offers various ongoing maintenance packages to suit needs including:

  • Moss/weed killing
  • Scarifying
  • Stone removals
  • Fertilising


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